September 2016: Homes With Home- nominated by Lauren Soloff

​Amount Received: $7150

"The money will go towards the addition of a case worker who focuses wholly on our children and young adults. Our youth population needs to be handled in a special manner, addressing the unique needs of those being raised in transitional housing." ~Lauren Soloff


December 2016: Burroughs Community Center- nominated by Darryl Manning. Amount Received: $7700

"The funds will be used to support the Our Woven Community program*. We are planning to use it to expand the sales of the handcrafted items that the women artists create and to incorporate additional training for the women in business and marketing skills. Currently run by a part-time program director and over 30 volunteers, additional staff time is required to bring the program to the next level." 

"*Our Woven Community helps women who are refugees from Africa who are resettled into our community of Bridgeport by teaching them how to sew, make beautiful handcrafted items, and sell them so that they can supplement their families' income. Additionally and equally important, the program gives the women, many of whom are victims of torture, a place to connect with other women, heal, socialize and create a community in their new country. They learn business skills and participate in all aspects of the process of creating and bringing their items to market." 
~Darryl Manning


Dec.8, 2015: Junior Achievement of Western CT -nominated by Rachel Mitchell Amount Received: $7700

100 Women Who Care Fairfield County’s generous investment in Bridgeport’s young people will empower students with hope, knowledge, skills and inspiration in order to think beyond their current circumstances and open their minds to possibilities they might not otherwise have envisioned. 600+ students in grades K-8 attending Thomas Hooker and Hallen Schools will have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate, hands-on activities focused on financial literacy, college/career readiness and entrepreneurship that they would not otherwise receive. These learning experiences, guided by volunteer role-models, help students’ develop positive attitudes and behaviors to graduate high school, achieve economic self-sufficiency, and be productive members of society.





June 9, 2015: Project Return CT- $7900

We selected Project Return CT to receive our June 2015 donation. The funds will be used to expand Project Return’s H.E.A.L. program at local high schools in Fairfield County from 6 groups to 8. H.E.A.L. stands for Health, Empathy, Altruism, and Love. The program serves girls ages 14-18 who have been identified by their school as at-risk young women who would benefit from a supportive peer group in order to flourish and grow. In groups formed at their high school, and led by trained adults, they perform community service projects, and through these activities, achieve the following goals: develop empathy for others, gain a sense of belonging and purpose, exhibit self-knowledge, become empowered, engage in fewer risky behaviors, communicate more effectively, problem solve more effectively, develop resilience, and build confidence and self-esteem.

March 10, 2015: Caroline House- $7200

Thanks to everyone who came to our very first meeting!
We selected Caroline House to receive our first donation. Caroline House is a comprehensive nondenominational education center teaching literacy and life skills to economically-disadvantaged women and children. The money will be used to fund the pre-school and the camp programs. 

Who has received donations from 100+ Women Who Care-Fairfield County, CT so far:

June 2017: Women's Mentoring Network:

March 2017: CT Association for the Gifted:$6500+

December 2016: Burroughs Community Center: $7700

September 2016: Homes with Hope: $7150

June 2016: The Center for Sexual Assault- $7450

March 2016: New Reach- $6850

December 2015: Junior Achievement of Western CT - $7700

September 2015: Bridgeport Public Education Fund-$7650

June 2015: Project Return-$7900

March 2015: Caroline House - $7200

​​100+ Women Who Care- Fairfield County, CT

March 2016: New Reach- nominated by Kelly Day

Amount Received: $6850

$10K will save the life of one chronically homeless resident in Fairfield County! Designated the “most likely to die on the streets,” the chronically homeless are our county’s most vulnerable citizens. $10K covers the cost of intensive case management services AND housing assistance, peer recovery counseling, entitlement identification, Social Security benefits recovery and community resource referrals for one individual. The combination of these evidence based interventions makes long term stability a reality for those experiencing homelessness. One person at a time, we will end homelessness in Fairfield County together.



June 2016: The Center for Sexual Assault- nominated by Gayle Weinstein​  Amount Received: $7450

The Center is partnering with most of the school districts in our Region to help provide the State mandated sexual assault education for grades K-12. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, we have been unable to meet the needs of the entire Region. This grant from 100+ Women Who Care will allow us to broaden that outreach. We are so grateful for the support!"



Sept.8, 2015: Bridgeport Public Education Fund- nominated by Eileen Ward Amount Received: $7650
We selected Bridgeport Public education Fund for our September 2015 donation. 
This donation opens up so many possibilities for the eight hundred children of the Curiale School!  Curiale School is located in the impoverished West Side of Bridgeport. Animal Embassy ( will be able to provide monthly classes to reach hundreds of children. Animal Embassy is dedicated to fostering an individual’s appreciation and respect for the natural world and the incredible diversity of life on earth. They specialize in providing hands-on, interactive, and entertaining, educational experiences. Their rescued and adopted animals help build a feeling of compassion and stewardship for all living things. This enrichment program would not be available to these children without 100+ Women Who Care.  On behalf of the hearts and minds of the beautiful children of Curiale School, thank you!
With heartfelt gratitude,
Eileen Ward

Our Next Meeting:

Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017

Social: 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Meeting: 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Where: Pearl at Longshore

2017 Meeting Dates:


We meet quarterly- that's 4x/yr. Our meetings last one hour. We usually have a social hour from 5:30- 6:30 pm. Meetings begin promptly at 6:30 pm. Meeting is over by 7:30 pm. Our meeting location is Pearl at Longshore.

You are a guest at your first meeting. That means you will not have voting privileges at your first meeting. You are not obligated to make a donation as a guest.

March 10, 2015: Our Inaugural meeting.

March 2017: CT Association for the Gifted- nominated by Katie Augustyn

"The funds received will enable CAG to provide more services for families with high-potential children in Bridgeport and other underserved communities, including another Minds in Motion event in Bridgeport, free CAG memberships, professional development workshops and conferences for educators, and translation of CAG materials, including the Parent’s Guide to Gifted Education, into Spanish.

Gifted and high-potential children come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and also from all socio-economic and culturally diverse backgrounds. Although CAG offers resources and programs for all children, parents and teachers, we would like to have more outreach to the underserved kids who we are very concerned about – they are the invisible ones who are not recognized for their strengths and abilities, are misunderstood and mislabeled in school, face low expectations, and therefore are not reaching their potential.  Thank you for providing funds to help change their lives!"~Katie Augustyn