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How we donate $10k in 1 hour

We meet for one hour, four times a year. Here's how we spend that hour: 

5:30 pm: Social hour (optional). Check in, get your name tag, put your nomination in the hat.

6:30 pm: Meeting begins promptly. 

6:35 pm: The charity that was awarded the funds from the previous quarter updates the membership on how the donation was used and the impact it is making.

6:40 pm: Three members who have nominated their favorite local charity/nonprofit will be called to speak for 5 minutes each. These 3 members names were drawn at the end of the previous quarter's meeting. They've had 3  months to prepare their 5 minute pitch on why their charity/nonprofit should be awarded the $10K at this meeting.

Every member is eligible to nominate their favorite local charity/non-profit.  All you have to do is complete the Nomination Form at least 24 hours before our next meeting. We will create a slip of paper for each charity nominated and they will go into a hat for a drawing at the end of the meeting. When you check in, let us know that you have nominated a charity, and you will put the name in the hat yourself. You must be a 100+ Women Who Care member in good standing to nominate a charity.

7:00 pm: After our three members speak on behalf of their favorite local charity for 5 minutes, we open up the floor for a Q&A which usually lasts about 10 minutes.

7:10 pm: We vote using ballots. While we are collecting the ballots, we have an open mic. Members are encouraged to make announcements about their upcoming events that support their favorite local charities/nonprofits.

7:20 pm: Awarded charity is announced. Checks are written on the spot & collected. Or, donations are made online.

7:25 pm: 4 charity names are drawn from the hat...we draw an extra name as a backup. It will become the #1 name in the event that we do not require an alternate at our next meeting.

7:30 pm: We announce next meeting date so we can do it all again. Many members stay and have dinner together.

To learn more about how the whole concept started, how to get involved, and how to attend the leadership conference, check out the 100 Who Care Alliance website, a resource voluntarily compiled by chapter leaders for existing and future chapter leaders of the various 100 Women Who Care, 100 Men Who Care, 100 People Who Care and 100 Kids Who Care groups. There are currently more than 550 chapters making a huge impact in local communities throughout the world. We are #thePOWERof100.

Mission + Vision

100+ Women Who Care Fairfield County, CT:
is a group of women who gather four times a year for a one-hour meeting, and each member donates $100 to a charity that the group selects. This combined donation of $10,000 makes a real impact right here in Fairfield County, CT, without time-consuming fundraising events and planning. Our mission and our hope is to provide for those in greatest need in our county. 

What can happen with the power of collective giving?
when 100 people donate $100 at the same time, they raise $10,000 to a worthy cause.  That’s impact.  And it takes only an hour. No volunteering, no telemarketing, no event planning, no silent auction donations to solicit.  Simply a great way to give back right in our own community.

​We hope you will join us at our next meeting to see how easy and fun it is!

List of our Fairfield County, CT nonprofits nominated by members:

* Names in red are not eligible at this time. 

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