Where we meet:

The 3 Organizations presenting at our next meeting:

Positive Directions-

Lynn Abramson





* Backup: Bridgeport Public Education Fund- Eileen Ward

The recipient of the September 2017 meeting funds:

Fairfield County Hospice House- Tracy Rosen

"The money raised will be used to purchase comfortable, bedside, reclining chairs for each of the 6 bedrooms in Fairfield County Hospice House.  These chairs will have electric controls, allowing patients and family members to sit comfortably in the room.  Family members can even sleep in them, next to their loved ones." ~ Tracy Rosen

We've raised over $81,050 in 11 hours!

Q4: Dec. 5th**this is a date change

Social: 5:30 pm

1 hr Meeting: 6:30 PM

Make your quarterly donation here using onemission.fund

​please forward your receipt to: bkisielius@gmail.com

Check out the mention in the August issue of @real_simple #thepowerof100

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Burroughs Community Center- Darryl  Manning 

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